Acoustic Drywall

Here in Amarillo, Texas, noise pollution accounts for a total of 41.67% of the city’s total pollution. While the city may seem like a peaceful suburb, it does not mean absolute peace and quiet throughout the entire day. In some unfortunate cases, noise happens to occur during the night.

Fortunately, you can protect your space from outside noise with an acoustic drywall installation. We highly recommend this for commercial properties such as hotels, schools, music rooms, restaurants, and other spaces. On a general scale, it helps soundproof your space and instigates privacy on certain occasions.

Acoustic drywall or gypsum boards are typically used for applications that need an enhanced soundproofing and sound control measure. You can protect an indoor room from outside noise, or soundproof an inside space. There are tons of applications and benefits for this particular project. The material can absorb sound and serves as the perfect treatment for home studios, restaurants, schools, hotels, and many more.

Soundproofing your residential or commercial property not only entails you to a more peaceful environment. It also means that you are less likely to receive complaints from your neighbors regarding noise ordinance violations. Therefore, you are free to use sound equipment, play instruments, or other loud activities without disturbing the neighborhood.

Acoustical drywall typically comprises layers of viscoelastic polymer. Professionals then place this layer between two thinly cut panels of regular gypsum boards or drywall. This has the ability to reduce sound transmission and has an STC rate that amounts to jumps around 47 to 52. A higher STC rate means better soundproofing qualities.

It is important to note that the STC rate can depend on the contractors' materials to install the wall. Unfortunately, some local materials may use products containing VOCs, which is considered a health hazard. Therefore, it is essential to communicate with your local contractors to ensure they use low or zero-VOC materials.

Luckily, our acoustical drywall installation services use only safe and toxic-free materials. After all, why sacrifice safety over comfort when you can have both? An acoustic drywall installation should not only improve your comfort of living but also keeps your family safe from harm. Contact our team today to know more about acoustic drywall installations!