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Finest Drywall Repair Service in Amarillo, TX

Amarillo Drywall Repair Pros offers to provide efficient and long-lasting solutions to all your drywall needs. Here in Amarillo, Texas, we’ve got only the best team of professionals to attend to any drywall installation, repair, or replacement services for both commercial and residential properties.

We know how important it is to ensure that your drywall remains in its best shape. That is why we make sure that we’ve got the best quality services at an affordable price. Whether it’s a small hole in the wall, some electrical work damage, or even water damage, we will have it looking brand new in no time.

Give us a call, and we will send a team of professional drywall contractors to get the job done right. Contact our agents for a free quote today!

drywall repair during home remodeling
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Coupons and Discounts available!
How can we serve you?
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man on a latter fixing drywall in ceiling

Drywall Repair

Patch up those holes and restore your walls and ceilings to its original glory with our amazing drywall repair services!
drywall installation of new home construction project

Drywall Installation

From replacements to reinstallations, we’ll build you strong, durable and blemish-free drywalls that bring out the best in your property.
two workers installing drywall in large room

Acoustic Drywall

Enjoy noise-free environments and get your well-deserved rest with our state-of-the-art acoustic drywall installation services!
man scraping off popcorn-textured ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Give your popcorn ceilings a whole new look when you call us for our removal services today!

Our Drywall Company

Our company specializes in drywall repair services. Sometimes when you move into a new home, you may see damaged walls left by its previous owner. In other cases, wall damage comes from other kinds of causes such as electrical works, leaking pipes, or other untoward accidents.

Regardless of the cause of damage, we have all the necessary tools and equipment to bring your property back to its original state. In addition, we can blend our work seamlessly into existing drywall to restore its initial beauty. Neither you nor your visitors will be able to tell the difference!

Aside from repair services, we also cater to special requests, including installments. We built our company to provide drywall solutions to both commercial and residential properties—no need to worry about hiring drywall contractors and separate clean-up services. We will make sure to get your walls and ceiling back to their original condition without any leftover dust or debris.

If you are not too sure about what particular service you should get, talk to one of our agents today. We will send an expert to assess the situation for you. So contact us now for an open discussion regarding your property’s needs. We will make sure to provide you with appropriate, budget-friendly, and long-lasting solutions.

From minor dents in the ceiling to cracks along the wall, or entire drywall installations, we have the team just for you! We don’t simply focus on aesthetic appeal or making sure your drywall repair won’t stick out like a sore thumb. We also take pride in ensuring that we have safely installed strong, flat, and durable units.

drywall in new living room under construction
They did the drywall installation on our new house. We received numerous compliments on how good it looked. They also finished the job before they said they would.
Alton C.
They did a great job on my bathroom remodel. They were very easy to work with and had my bathroom done in less than a week. I would definitely recommend them.
Kirk O.
I found Amarillo Drywall Pros to be very professional and was especially pleased with the way they handled themselves when other contractors started giving me trouble about details of the contract. I also appreciated the quick response time for a service call.
Todd O.

Our Drywall Contracting Services

See below for more information about our stellar drywall services.

Drywall Repair

While drywall may be a great product, it is not safe from daily wear and tear results, especially if it is already a few years old. Improper or non-professional drywall installations can also shorten its lifespan by making it prone to dents, cracks, and other kinds of damage. However, even the most secure drywall can still obtain damage due to unwanted accidents.

Luckily, we have the best team of professional drywall contractors, fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to do the job. It doesn’t matter if we are dealing with small holes or larger damaged portions. We will look into the most appropriate solution that can help you get the results you need without breaking your budget.

In general, drywall repairs are not as expensive or time-consuming as you may expect. Smaller projects that involve only holes in the wall are pretty easy to fix using custom patches made from another piece of drywall. While more significant damages call for longer labor periods, our team of professionals will surely get the work done in a timely manner.

man on a latter fixing drywall in ceiling

Drywall Installation

Installing drywall on either commercial and residential properties has its list of benefits. First, it is less time-consuming compared to other construction projects. Therefore, if you wish to have drywall walls and ceilings, you do not have to wait an entire month. It also helps that our team of professional drywall contractors is trained to deliver quality and timely results.

You can forget about layer after layer of wet plaster, numerous wooden strips, time-consuming, and expensive renovation fees. With our drywall installation, you can easily change a particular space. We also ensure that our drywall products are durable, fire-resistant, mildew-resistant, and uniformly finished.

Rest assured, we will use safe ingredients that are both budget and family-friendly. No need to worry about your kids or loved ones unintentionally inhaling toxic elements like lead. You also won’t have to worry about contacting us for immediate repairs after an installation as our drywalls are sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.

drywall installation of new home construction project

Acoustic Drywall

Amarillo, Texas might be a peaceful city with suburban vibes. But, unfortunately, there are still some occasions wherein sudden noise can disturb our well-deserved rest. Whether the noise comes from your neighbor’s dog or a housemate who snores too loud, we have just the noise-blocking solution. Forget about irksome sleep disruptions with our acoustic drywall installation service.

You can think of acoustic drywall as a kind of anti-noise treatment. It is a great way to contain or block noise transmission through your walls. Since the material can absorb sound, acoustic drywalls serve as the perfect treatment for home studios and other similar properties. However, even if we live in regular homes, we all deserve some peace and quiet.

Luckily, our team of drywall contractors is highly trained and capable of working with different acoustic systems. They can combine these complex structures with special drywalls and other essential components. Our installation promises the best results possible with the best prevention for sound leakage.

two workers installing drywall in large room

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceilings happen to be a common issue amongst old houses, particularly those built or renovated before 1977. These building issues are displeasing to the eye and pose health risks caused by asbestos. You can talk to one of our agents, and we will send a member of our team of professionals to assess your building’s situation right away.

Admittedly, removing popcorn ceilings and ridding your homes or commercial properties of asbestos is a messy but fairly simple task. So, you can expect that it may take longer work hours to get you the results you want. However, you don’t have to worry about dust debris all over your home because our experts know well enough to finish the job with minimal trouble.

You can also expect that our skilled professionals will clean up all the leftover dust and dirt aside from removing the popcorn ceiling. We believe in treating our customers' houses like our own. We can assure you high-quality and timely services delivered with care and respect.

man scraping off popcorn-textured ceiling

Drywall Finishing

Contrary to popular belief, drywall finishing is not as easy as it seems. In fact, it takes a great deal of skill and craftsmanship to ensure that a drywall finishing blends perfectly with the existing material. Otherwise, the entire repair or installation process will definitely become a noticeable part of your interior walls.

Without a doubt, drywall finishing takes on a series of complex steps which can be challenging to follow on your own. Lucky for you, our team of experts are well educated and skillfully trained to carry out the five distinct levels of drywall finishing. As a result, we are well equipped to meet the gypsum industry’s codified set of professional standards.

Our services start off at level zero, implying that there is not much finishing yet, except for fastening the drywall to the walls or ceilings. The next levels consist of embedding joint drywall tape, covering the drywall screw holes, applying a coat of joint compound, and leaving a heavy texture. Lastly, levels 4 and 5 involved a classic drywall finish and a skim coat.

worker on a later starting to paint the ceiling white
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Our Approach

We are dedicated to serving our customers to the best of our abilities. Our company follows a strict professional culture with customer satisfaction at its heart. We have a team of creative and professional drywall contractors who can work together and help you achieve your goals.

Whether we are dealing with minor repairs or large-scale drywall installation projects, our workers will always treat you with utmost professionalism and respect. We are a team built on solid core values to guarantee customer satisfaction in every assignment. That is why we let our team of professionals consult with you before taking on any action.

We will make sure to give the best possible solution to your drywall needs at a price that fits your budget. Contact one of our agents today to receive a free quote. You can also call us to ask questions or queries to get an insight into the possible repairs or replacement processes that your property may need. Call us now!

Frequently asked questions
If you ever notice something unusual about your walls, like a hole, dent, stains, or even a ding might be the hint. Call us to make your wall look unblemished and even make it look exceptionally better than it ever was before!
Yes, you can get one with just a call! You may contact us if you may have any questions, including quotations for a repair. We will give you an estimate on how much it would cost you to have your walls or ceilings repaired, depending on the damage inflicted on it and its scope.
Our services are always available as long as no other customers have set their preferred date as the same as yours. So just give us a call to set your appointment. We will make sure to do our work at the most suitable time for you, and rest assured that we will arrive at your location on time and finish on time.
Does the space at your home become quite small for you as time goes by, and you feel like you should expand or widen your area up a bit? Then, we’ve got you covered! Drywall installation is usually needed when you want to add a few extra rooms or even maybe closets and cabinets to your place.
An expert and skilled technician will show up in your house to do the job for you. Our technicians are trustworthy, dependable, respectful, and careful. So, you don’t have to worry about anything missing in your house. We will even clean up after ourselves once we finish the job.
No! We will arrive at your place, ready and complete with tools and materials for the job. Once you’ve hired us, we will handle everything for you. We can guarantee you 100% stress-free services of wall repairs and drywall installations, leaving your wall looking even exceptionally better than it was before.
Yes! We have talented and trained professional technicians to do the job for you. Alongside, we also offer insurance on all the work that we will do on your house. If you have any concerns about the work that we have done in your place, you may contact us, but we can guarantee that our technicians will do their best to satisfy you with their work.
We accept payments through cash, but you may also pay with any major debit and credit cards if you don’t have cash with you during your set date of repair. You may inquire to us about payments through debit or credit cards to clarify with you if we support your card.
You don’t have to worry about our work falling off or getting destroyed after a few months because we can assure you that our work is of high quality. We have skilled and trained professionals to do the job for you and will make sure that the job is safe and excellent.
Our work is budget-friendly and is superb at the same time. We do not charge for more than what we work for. You may contact us for an estimation or price quote if you would like to know how much it would cost you to repair your walls. We will offer you the best services at the most affordable prices.
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